Treo 750 User Guide 1.0
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Treo 750 User Guide 1.0

Free Get the most out of your Palm Treo 750 series smartphone with this user guide
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Treo 750w User Guide is a 350 pages PDF file created by Palm Inc. to help Treo 750 Series Smartphones users get the most out of them. This user guide is available for free to download right from the Support Section of the Palm Inc. Web Site.
While the number of pages could scare you out, don’t worry about that because it’s not a good indicator of its complexity. Everything is written in simple words and enjoyable language. When needed, the explanations are accompanied with tables, illustrations and graphics.

Since the User Guide is created as a pdf (Portable Document Format) file you will need a suitable application to open it. If you are using Acrobat Reader, you will find a quick access tree on the left, helping you find the subject of your interest very quickly and efficiently. Besides, you’ll have available all commonly used searching tools to find a specific subject according to a searching criteria.

Take into account to download this guide from a wide band Internet connected computer, because even when it’s not a too large file, it could take quite long from a dial-up regular connection (the file to download is about 14 Mb).
In the first pages of the guide you will find a table of contents to help you understand the structure used to build the guide and find anything within it real fast. At the same time there’s an index available at the end of the guide.

The basic structure of the guide is composed by the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Setting up.
Chapter 2: Moving around on your Palm® Treo™ 750 smartphone.
Chapter 3: Your phone.
Chapter 4: Synchronizing information.
Chapter 5: Your email.
Chapter 6: Your text and multimedia messages.
Chapter 7: Your connections to the web and wireless devices.
Chapter 8: Your photos, videos, and music.
Chapter 9: Your personal information organizer.
Chapter 10: Your Microsoft Office and other document tools.
Chapter 11: Your application and info management tools.
Chapter 12: Your personal settings.
Chapter 13: Troubleshooting.

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  • It's free to download
  • It's written in simple words
  • It includes graphics and tables to ease understanding


  • It's quite large file to download
  • You need to visit different sites to get different languages for the guide
  • It's kind of a long guide to read (350 pages)


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